Thu 09 March 2017

How to stock your garage

Since a garage is a place where people often take their vehicles for repairs and servicing, it is usually necessary to maintain cleanliness and also ensure that things are in order for easy operation. The following are some guidelines and some basics that you should consider to keep your garage in check.

Since there are usually many tools used in a garage, sometimes it tends to be hard and tricky to arrange things around. As much as it might seem hard to arrange some tools and equipment used in the garage, it is essential that you keep the garage tidy to give you an easy time while carrying on with your activities in the garage. It is usually advisable that you get toolbox or a rack where you arrange your tools and store them in a safe place. This will not only keep your garage organized but it will also help hold smaller tools that might easily get lost or misplaced.

There are also some items which are considered essential by some garage owners while others don’t consider them to be essential or important to have in their garage. These items are like; battery charger, if you live in a cold climate, you can consider having an engine warmer, tachometer, timing light, a drop light that is designed to hold a high wattage light bulb and a vacuum cleaner designed for an outdoor or indoor task. You will also need car spare parts like new car tyres in case a client comes in for their car tyres to be changed with new ones.

As a mechanic who is always determined to offer the best car servicing to your clients, there are some tools which you shouldn’t miss in your garage hence you should always ensure that they are available. For example, you should get at least six slot configuration sizes Philips screw drivers or two to three sizes, since you will always need them for use frequently. Another important tool is the sparkplug wrench. This usually consists of a ratchet and a socket. You should ensure that you get the best sparkplug gap tool that is compatible with your key ring. Make a good selection of pliers, including locking pliers, slip joint and fixed joint pliers.

When it comes to solvents, sprays and liquids, there are some tools and liquid components that you must ensure you have in your stock. These are; gasoline, stored in a clean and proper container, a coolant/antifreeze combination, can of 3 in 1 oil, liquid or radiator sealant pellets, liquid wrench or a spray lubricant, fresh brake fluid that is unsealed for not more than one year, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid and six quarts of motor oil.

Always keep your garage clean and tidy to prevent any unwanted accidents. Keep all liquids away from children and ensure that they are in their original containers. Ensure that you follow all the local regulations when disposing off all the chemicals and fluids. When you get visitors in your garage, ensure that they wear some eye protection if necessary, tie back long hair, and wear proper boots or shoes. Never allow people to enter the garage with only socks, house slippers, sandals, or even bare feet. Tidy up your workshop with adjustable garge storage options from companies in Australia.

Wed 08 March 2017

Benefits of Using GPS Tracking Device

There are so many reasons why people subscribe for GPS tracking device all the time. Many businesses are now taking advantage of GPS to remain ahead of their competitors.

 GPS tracking device will help you in an excellent way to manage mobile assets more efficiently and proficiently. In fact, the possibilities are endless.

Below are some of the ways in which GPS tracking device can assist your business to grow:

  • Minimize siring fleet expenses
  • Enhance vehicle utilization
  • Minimize vehicle operating costs
  • Digital time keeping
  • Aids field personnel actively
  • Eradicate employee fraud and so on

Monitors the activities of your driver

With supervisions, your drivers will perform at optimal level; with GPS tracking device, it is very possible for you to monitor how your drivers work, this will go miles in enhancing fleet efficiency.

Automated alerts

GPS tracking software helps you in setting up alerts which you can use effectively to track your driver’s speeding limits, and optimize their routes. When drivers know that their fleet are closely monitored, it will give them the option of running smoothly and providing excellent driving services to their passengers; they will ensure that passengers arrive to their destinations successfully.

Digital timesheet

This helps in providing the time worked. In fact, GPS tracking device is something amazing. You will remain on track when you are using it. GPS software ensures you enjoy enhanced security and accuracy.

The amount of money you will save with GPS tracking

With GPS tracking device, it is extremely possible for you to save some costs. This is a unique software; the software will just calculates the following:

  • The number of cars or vehicles you use
  • Fuel consumption
  • Employees or drivers
  • The number of passengers
  • Hours worked or hourly wages
  • Days worked and so on.

The GPS tracking device is there to assist your fleets, no matter the number of vehicles you have on the road. Below are some of the industries that are benefiting hugely from GPS tracking device are as follows:

  • Pest control
  • Landscaping
  • Security
  • HVAC
  • Food service
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Waste management
  • Delivery
  • Wrecker services
  • School districts
  • Government agencies
  • Contractors
  • Equipment service
  • Janitorial services
  • Appliance repair and so on

The list is indeed endless. We hope you have learnt something from these little illustrations above. You will never regret making use of GPS tracking device for your firm.

 If you browse through the internet, you will discover that a lot of people have actually optimized these services to their benefits; some are still using at the moment. Just go through the comments left by previous customers and you will have an idea of what it means to use GPS Tracking software. Another option you may want to look into is journey managment software from the same companies.

It is obvious that with this software, nobody will take advantage of your business- you will always remain ahead of the current. Some GPS vehicle tracking is one of the tools corporate organisations can use to achieve their corporate goals and objectives.


Thu 27 October 2016

More information about Diploma of School Age Education and Care

Child care workers who want to improve their chances of a more rewarding career could benefit a great deal from getting a diploma of school age education and care such as this one.

Child care workers are responsible for caring for the physical, mental and emotional development of children. They can help children hone their motor and gross motor skills. Child care workers are responsible for creating an environment for children in which they feel they can grow according to the best of their abilities.


Requirements for enrolling in the course

All individuals looking to enroll in this course need to have the proper qualification which include

  • A diploma in child care
  • Diploma in early childhood education
  • The necessary skills and knowledge required to care for younger children

There are certain apprenticeship programs which you can enroll in to make the most of your diploma in school age education.


Career opportunities for people holding a diploma of school age education

You can expect to work with children from the age of six weeks to twelve years old in different settings like homes ,schools and day cares. Research has shown that there will be a rapid rise in demand for child care workers in the next five years. This means an increase in caring for children in homes and after school settings.

A further diploma of additional credit hours or a certificate IV in school age education and care (more information here) could help child care workers secure employment as a team leader responsible for maintaining a child care centre. They could make themselves an essential part of the administrative team and go on to become directors of child care centres and preschools whose responsibilities include complete management of the centre. They make use of their previously acquired skills for providing an interesting environment for the children to grow and learn.

Taking a age education test

What is expected from a child care worker?

  • Child care workers are supposed to be enthusiastic and truly interested in the children they look after
  • Take an interest in the child’s accomplishments and help them overcome learning problems and lack of social skills.
  • Helps children feel confident and develop as individuals with their own characteristics and traits
  • Are responsible and like taking initiative
  • Enjoy teamwork and provide ample opportunities for co-workers to help form a safe and trusting environment where a child can thrive and grow to the best of their abilities.


Earnings for child care workers

 A typical child care worker can earn anything from around $25’000 per annum. Additional diplomas and courses could help them secure higher paying jobs where a director for a child care centre can expect to earn more than $40’000 per annum