Thu 27 October 2016

More information about Diploma of School Age Education and Care

Child care workers who want to improve their chances of a more rewarding career could benefit a great deal from getting a diploma of school age education and care such as this one.

Child care workers are responsible for caring for the physical, mental and emotional development of children. They can help children hone their motor and gross motor skills. Child care workers are responsible for creating an environment for children in which they feel they can grow according to the best of their abilities.


Requirements for enrolling in the course

All individuals looking to enroll in this course need to have the proper qualification which include

  • A diploma in child care
  • Diploma in early childhood education
  • The necessary skills and knowledge required to care for younger children

There are certain apprenticeship programs which you can enroll in to make the most of your diploma in school age education.


Career opportunities for people holding a diploma of school age education

You can expect to work with children from the age of six weeks to twelve years old in different settings like homes ,schools and day cares. Research has shown that there will be a rapid rise in demand for child care workers in the next five years. This means an increase in caring for children in homes and after school settings.

A further diploma of additional credit hours or a certificate IV in school age education and care (more information here) could help child care workers secure employment as a team leader responsible for maintaining a child care centre. They could make themselves an essential part of the administrative team and go on to become directors of child care centres and preschools whose responsibilities include complete management of the centre. They make use of their previously acquired skills for providing an interesting environment for the children to grow and learn.

Taking a age education test

What is expected from a child care worker?

  • Child care workers are supposed to be enthusiastic and truly interested in the children they look after
  • Take an interest in the child’s accomplishments and help them overcome learning problems and lack of social skills.
  • Helps children feel confident and develop as individuals with their own characteristics and traits
  • Are responsible and like taking initiative
  • Enjoy teamwork and provide ample opportunities for co-workers to help form a safe and trusting environment where a child can thrive and grow to the best of their abilities.


Earnings for child care workers

 A typical child care worker can earn anything from around $25’000 per annum. Additional diplomas and courses could help them secure higher paying jobs where a director for a child care centre can expect to earn more than $40’000 per annum